Frosini Gardens: The Story So Far…

2015 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence Winner
May 20, 2015
2016 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence Winner
May 25, 2016

This is the story of George and Kostas, 2 guys (son and father) from Piraeus (Athens) who due to financial Greek crisis, decided to take a huge gamble and work in the Hotel Industry, without having any experience in this business at all. After a 3 year search all over Greece, they found themselves eventually in Corfu (one of the 5 Top Greek Islands along with Myconos, Santorini, Crete and Rhodes) and in the  small lovely tourist resort called Kassiopi.

Frosini Gardens (Frosini was the previous owner’s mother’s name) is one of the oldest hotels in Kassiopi. It opened in 1981. Its pool was the first in the area and still is the largest in Kassiopi. The hotel had good reputation for many years. Sadly during the last years under the previous management, the hotel was left unattended, without any proper maintenance and the facilities were in a very bad shape.

Against all odds, George and Costas decided to take the risk and in April 2012, took over the management of the hotel. The season was opening in May and in order to open they needed to do some very essential things in the hotel. Most important was to find water. In Corfu during the summer the public water system is not enough. That means if you do not have your own well, you won’t have water!!! So in less than a month they made a drilling (luckily the found water!!) and they installed a filtration system to clear the water, so it can be used by the guests. They also constructed the pool bar. They also installed friendly to the environment, solar panels for boiling the water, replacing the old petroleum system.

In winter 2012 they replaced all the old wooden windows and shutters with new soundproof ones. They  replaced all the tiles in the roof and used all new waterproof material to protect it. Rain and humidity are the biggest enemies of Corfiot buildings. They also replaced all the old water pipes of the building. Finally they renovated the reception area.

In winter 2013, they renovated the pool area (the pool surroundings took almost 50 cubic metres of concrete!!!) and the pool. The old pool was 2,60 metres deep. They lessened the depth to 1,70 (According to the health & safety standards), they put tiles , they changed all the old pipes, filters and motor system. They also took down all the old rendering and they replaced it with new (environment friendly) materials.

In winter 2014, they renovated the corridors, installing new lights system, cables for future use (wi-fi, TVs). They also made a new fence in the roadside, replaced the old pavement in the front and after having to cut down the palm trees that were killed by Red Beetle, they created flower pots in the place of the trees. They installed new parasols, new sunbeds and new furniture for the bar and the receptions. Finally they started revonating the apartments. The “Apartments N.3 & N.5 Model Renovation Project” was completed as a guide for the other apartments. Hopefully in winter 2015, more apartments will be refurbished.